Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goodbye Harlingen

With our skûtsje Zonder Zorg now looking her best and the refit completed, we are leaving Harlingen and heading south. We are pleased and delighted with the outcome and we are ready to start this new passage in our life, living aboard a barge and exploring the canals of Europe.

We have enjoyed our stay in Harlingen and on our way out we will be maneuvering through the canals of the old city. These are the same canals we have passed on cycle, in car and walking during the past two weeks. We are also saying goodbye to SRF Shipyards and to our time watching the restoration of other classic Dutch barges and the construction of new floating homes, boats and ships of all sizes and shapes. Each boat is so different from the other.

My compliments go to the shipyard and their tradesmen who have worked on our boat. We are impressed with their knowledge, skills and expertise. They were courteous and polite as they listened to our problems and concerns and then they quickly found solutions.

Most of the interior work was done by the ships carpenter Ferry van Bezooijen, a fellow sailor with an eye for detail. He understands the concept of small spaces and the need for easy accessibility to systems hidden behind panels. Cabinet doors unclip and panels slide out on tracks to quickly reach hidden machinery, wiring and plumbing. An almost invisible inspection hatch has been placed under the stairway and neatly finished with a flat latch. The stairway itself is easily removed without the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Today we begin heading south with a deepening fondness for our skûtsje Zonder Zorg.

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