Monday, June 17, 2013

SRF Shipyard

We are still tucked away in the shipyard, surrounded by haul-outs, hangers and cranes. Workmen are still busy in the engine room making their adjustments and tweaks with last minute latches on hatches  added. The last bit of touch up paint is being applied and our new spud pole is being tested with positive results. 

On our shopping list today were a few boat cleaning items, which entailed another visit to one of the local Marine stores. The marine shops her are much more like hardware stores and we are amazed at the normal pricing for boat related equipment. We needed a new boat hook, mops and scrub brushes and a Friesian flag for the jackstaff. This particular marine shop specializes in brass, bronze and steel hardware, mostly traditional parts for old boats. Most boats here are traditional and old, with more century-old than new.

Our cupboards are now arranged in a semblance of order, so that most things can be found. The forward part of the boat, which once served as the sleeping arrangements for the owners' children, now stores our empty luggage, cockpit umbrella and deck chairs.  Our clothes washer and dryer both passed the laundry tests and our to-do list is now much shorter. Eventually as we make our way along the canal system, we will need to look at window treatment and see what blind or drape solutions there are for our type of window. 

At sunset we put aside our concerns and our to-do list and relax with a glass of wine while we enjoy one of Michael's home cooked meals. This one was breaded filet of sole with green beans almandine, sautéed potato cubes and sliced Roma tomato with shredded fresh basil.

Tomorrow is another day. Cheers.

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