Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seek and Ye Shall Find

One can only meditate along the banks of the river Beas for so long before being prompted to move on. My father chose to return to the Netherlands and we soon followed. 

In Amsterdam, he returned to work as a house painter and my mother stayed home. My brother and I became automatic-vegetarians and our mother was initiated into the Radha Soami faith. There was no flight to the Punjab, nor seeing the Golden Temple of Amritsar, no visiting the Dera along the river Beas for my mother, only a short train ride to Den Hague. Soon the pressure was on for me to be initiated into their faith and follow The Way of The Masters.

A letter was written to Charan Singh at the Dera Baba Singh asking for an initiation into their faith. My rejection letter arrived a few weeks later. The Master felt that I was much to young for such a decision and that I was most likely just pleasing my parents; such a major life decision should be made as an adult. 

This left me with the highest respect for Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, for he was right, The Way of the Masters wasn't my chosen path. Instead, I chose The Road Less Travelled.

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