Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Green Dragon

What do Princess Beatrix and I have in common? We both love Canada, we both own a traditional Dutch boat and we both hold a Dutch Passport.

De Groene Draeck is the private yacht of HRM Princess Beatrix, the former Queen of the Netherlands. The Lemsteraak yacht was built in 1957 in Amsterdam and was a gift from the people of the Netherlands to the Princess on her 18th birthday. 

It was named after the flagship of Piet Hein, the seventeenth century Dutch Admiral from the Dutch East India Company and a famous privateer. His flagship was named "De Vliegende Groene Draeck" , The Flying Green Dragon, and the wood carvings on the Lemeraark depict scenes from it.

The previous owner of our skûtsje had taken exact measurements from De Groene Draeck to use in his design and fabrication of the gracefully curved roofline of Zonder Zorg's cabin.

The Princess' yacht can be seen in the harbour of Muiden with its sail number VA 18 and ours is currently in Harlingen.

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