Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Conveniently located in the centre of the the city is the local Bath House. It was designed by G.J Geijtenbeek in a popular style of the Amsterdam School of Architecture and dates from1926.

It was built at a time when very few houses had showers or bathtubs. Most washing took place in the kitchen sink or a zinc tub placed in the middle of the floor. Kettles of water would be boiled and added to the cooling water. Children had their turn in the tub from oldest to youngest in the recycled water.

The Bath House offered a choice of a tub or a shower, all with continual hot water. The tub was the more expensive item and included in the price was a bar of soap. The shower stalls were of coarse concrete, making them easy to hose down with disinfectant. 

Gradually more house converted their storage spaces and closets into showers. A bath tub still remaining a luxury item in these small homes.

The use of the Bath House declined and this one closed its doors in 1971. The BadHuis still stands, solid as can be and next to it is the Pomphuis for its water supply.

Smaller and more modern versions of the BadHuis are available in the form of trailers parked conveniently near harbours for the use of transient boaters. Fortunately, we bring our own shower in Zonder Zorg.

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