Sunday, July 7, 2013

To the Dunes

Zonder Zorg is still in the bustling activity of the inner harbour of the old city of Haarlem. Haarlem is much smaller than Amsterdam, only 20 km away, but it has much to offer, with canals, museums, medieval buildings, culture and shopping.

As the weather turned somewhat kinder, we decided to take our Dutch bikes to the dunes close to Beverwijk. The well-marked and flat fietspad took us away from heavy traffic and led us safely around the numerous traffic circles. The free ferry took us across the very busy Noordzee Kanaal, a heavily used route from the deep seas to the port of Amsterdam.

Most of the North Dutch Dunes are part of a 2,000 hectare dune reserve stretching from Wijk aan Zee up to Schoorl. The dune field is unique to the Netherlands and even to Europe. In peace and quiet, by bicycle, on foot or on horseback, one can enjoy the flora and fauna that are unique to the area.

Dressed in my orange shirt and black pants, the colours of a spawning salmon, we rode to the dunes were I was born. We found a quiet restaurant at the top of a dune that overlooks the Noord Zee, and there we enjoyed our beer and croquette sandwiches. After lunch we returned to Haarlem to complete a very pleasant 36 km round trip.

I am content.

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