Saturday, July 6, 2013

Barging 101

We have arrived in downtown Haarlem and are alongside in the old part of the city. I was born not too far from here, in the dunes along the North Sea. 

The stern of our barge is facing the old Gravestenenbrug, a double bascule bridge, which we easily slipped under on our way into the basin. This morning, while having breakfast in the cockpit, we watching the early parade of small boats duck under the bridge, but this larger barge drew our attention. From our front row seats we raised doubts about wether the barge was able to  pass under the closed bridge. With cameras poised, we watched  the event unfold.

Gliding towards a closed Gravestenenbrug.

Getting much closer with cyclist crossing the bridge without concern.

Getting much closer and traffic continues to flow.

Too large and slightly stuck.

Bridge master helps out by hauling up the bridge and the show is over. We went back to feeding the swans.

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