Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No. 3 Road Richmond 沒有3路里士滿

Sprawled under the runway approaches to YVR Airport lies Richmond, the new Chinatown with it's large Asian-Canadian population. Modern high rise apartments, several large Asian malls and well stocked Asian supermarkets have transformed the area that was once agricultural. Running along No.3 Road is the Skytrain and it's connection to the airport, downtown business core and transit system. My favourite is mall Aberdeen Centre, located in the Golden Village district. It was first built in 1989 and demolished in 2001 to be tripled in size by a more modern mall, which opened in 2003. Its primary anchor store, Daiso, a gigantic $2 store proudly displayed its recent arrival of artificial Cherry Blossoms in full bloom. Ah! Spring has finally arrived in Richmond.

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