Monday, March 25, 2013

Strawberries and Butterflies

I grew up surrounded by paintings and objects d'art. My father was an artist, painting in his free time, when he wasn't working as a house painter supporting a family of six. My parents philosophy was to surround yourself with the things you love and when you move to a new place, you take them with you. When you unpack, you hang up the paintings and unpack your treasures - and you are home again.  After I left home at eighteen to Immigrate to Canada, small packages would arrive in the mail. My mother thought I needed some Dutch items, not to forget my roots, my father's thoughts were that I needed more paintings. I don't know who was right but I ended up with plenty of each. I have immigrated three times and moved around to at least thirty addresses. Our passion for travelling and sailing has also kept us away from home, but when we return and see the little painting of strawberries and butterflies - I know we are  home again.

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