Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sand, Soap and Soda - just the basics

Zand, Zeep and Soda came from my mother's kitchen and was used eighty years ago. The set originally had a rack but that was lost through the years. We lived at the dunes in a small village along the North Sea and sand was readily available. It was used for heavy duty pot scrubbing and stained floors. The soap was a basic soft soap and was referred to as Green Soap. It was used for everything; kitchen, bathroom, floors, windows and laundry. The non-perfumed soap was gentle enough to wash your hair with and is most likely the base of many shampoos. Soda was also used for cleaning and laundry and even as toothpaste. When I look down the cleaning product isle at the supermarket I see some clever marketing and some expensive chemical concoctions which do exactly the same thing. These pots remind me that we need to move much closer to just the basics.

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