Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Barking Babies and the People Who Love Them.

Barking Babies Fashion has accessories for dogs and a shop for the people who love them. The colourful display of canine treats is enough to make any dog drool. From icing dipped dog biscuits, petit fours, truffles, cupcakes to special order cakes, there are items to highlight any dog's birthday party. There are dog collars for every occasion and to match any colour or style of the owner. Boutique clothing for the beloved canine includes a tie collection, tuxedoes and a range of casual wear. You'll find no shortage of furniture, leashes and just-the-right toy for pooch. There are tutus, tiaras, shoes and dancing lessons for the girl puppies. Somewhere on the street, I must have crossed over into the double-income-no-kids zone and was totally oblivious to it.

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