Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For The Love Of Earrings

For The Love Of Earrings
Earrings have been around for centuries, worn by both men and women, and piercing the oldest known form of body modification. Sailors wore earrings as a symbol that they have sailed around the world, or have crossed the equator or have rounded Cape Horn.

I have a small collection of earrings that I have accumulated over the years. I love wearing them. Some are colourful, some are pearls, some have glitz and some are plain; each pair has a purpose or an occasion. Some give me strength, some courage, some a colour to match my scarf, some a boost to my spirit and others are just pretty.  

For my first meeting with Michael, we had arranged to meet at Granville Island, were Sequitur was berthed at the time. I took the ferry from Vancouver Island and arrived a bit early, but with enough time to go shopping at Granville Market. At Maiwa I found some interesting earrings, small mirrors cut into the shapes of leaves and petals; a great pair to give me courage for this meeting. Not wanting to set myself up for another disappointment, I thought that at the very least I would return home with a nice pair of dangling earrings.

I was familiar with the process of searching for a boat to crew on. Two sips into the meeting coffee I was often into planning my exit. I convinced myself that these new earrings could become a conversation piece or, if Michael was self centred, he would have an opportunity to look at himself in my earrings as we talked. This in turn would give me the sensation that he was looking at me. I figured there was no downside.

As it turned out, the meeting was a success,. We had tons to talk about and he never even noticed my earrings. It wasn't long before he asked me the question: "Do you want to sail around Cape Horn with me?" it didn't take long to say: "I do".

Ahh, the power in earrings….

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