Saturday, April 6, 2013

CPAir - The Colour of Orange

In 1974 I was hired by CPAir as a Passenger Agent for Toronto International Airport and was sent to Vancouver on course. It was my first flight on a Boeing 747 and my first visit to Vancouver, with every free moment spent exploring Vancouver and Victoria. After completion of the course, along with a new navy blue uniform and polka dot blouse, I returned to Toronto. At terminal 1, the old round airport terminal, I found myself submerged in people, bags and a whole new vocabulary along with a 06:00 shift. After a few days I was still struggling with the early starting time and signs of sleep deprivation became evident. Into the third day, I became part of a group of new agents who were having training in Baggage Services. The instructor was a blur and when he turned the lights out for a slide show, I finally fell asleep and then fell of my chair. The lights came on, a strong arm pulled me up and I looked into the smiling face of the instructor, Peter Gelin, my future husband.
A few years later we decided to transfer to Vancouver. We were granted a double container for our furniture, paintings, motorbike and belongings. With nearly two ton in weight, we made the move by Boeing 747 and its colour was Orange. Orange is Beautiful.

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