Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Street Photographers

Leaving their mark in old photo albums, drawers, frames and boxes, are the photos taken by the street photographers. There was a time when photo studios and photographers seemed to be everywhere, but the most apparent were the street photographers on downtown Granville. It was the core of the business district and the main shopping area, with the Hudson Bay Company, Birks Jewellers, butchers, shoe shops and fabric shops. Dressing for a shopping trip meant showing-off one's best attire, which included high heels, nylons with straight seems, leather purse, leather gloves, brooch, fur cape and a hat to compliment the outfit. The same style was also worn simply to meet someone or to be seen under the Birks clock on Granville Street. Our shopping habits have certainly changed and the street photographers have faded into the past like old sepia photos. 

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