Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh Canada Post

At the beginning of the month I had posted my only two pieces of mail for this year, so far. The cards were mailed one to Amy and Bram and one for Annelies. Both cards were returned with the notes: "No Mailbox". In the next few days, after Amy and Bram had installed a mailbox on their front gate right next to the side walk, I resubmitted the two cards. Amy emailed this photo of Annelies enjoying opening her hand drawn card. The following day the other card was returned to my address, with a sticker: "Unclaimed Mail" on it. This has apparently become a competition between me and postal employee and the card will be resubmitted again for the third time. 

While we were sailing in Mexico a few years ago, we surrendered our Income Tax Returns to the not-so-reliable Mexican mail system. We took photos of the postal staff accepting our mail and our mail actually arrived at Revenue Canada.

Further south, after sailing into Chile, we found a very impressive post office in the downtown core of Iquique. The massive building with it's high ceiling and tall pillars gave the feeling of security and strength. I mailed Annelies a small parcel, which never arrived in Canada.

One wonders about our Postal system and which direction they are heading. South perhaps?

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