Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tempus Fugit - Time Flees

The disappearance of clocks has become more apparent to me since I no longer wear a wrist watch. I have owned many good watches through the years, but stopped wearing them when I went sailing. In the past, time has always been on display at bus stations, train stations and airports; even banks and department store had them in sight. We now rely on our cellphones and computers and my seldom used, dated cellphone is normally at the bottom of my purse. 

The disappearance of clocks became even more apparent when I was flying back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Vancouver. We were anchored close to Buserias and we left in plenty of time to catch our airport bus. After an uneventful fifteen kilometre bus ride, we arrived a hour and a half before flight time. The passenger agent was hurrying me along and I started searching for a nearby clock. Michael was wearing a watch, and he confirmed that we had plenty of time to take in a cold beer. Arriving at the gate, I found it deserted and soon discovered that I had missed my flight. Confused and embarrassed, I met up with Michael and we returned to the boat.

It was only by searching on the Internet that we discovered there is an hour time change and the zone line runs next to the runway of Puerto Vallarta airport. We repeated the journey the next day, arrived in plenty of time at the no-clock-airport and caught the flight to Vancouver. Had we anchored in downtown Puerto Vallarta, I would have caught the previous days flight.

Mexico, timeless….

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