Monday, August 5, 2013

Refreshing the Friese,

With the current heat wave and dry weather, it was good timing to repaint the art work that came with the boat. The beautiful hand-carved piece, which had been done by an unknown elderly Friesian lady had started to look tired. Some minor repairs were made and the lovely naïve art came to life again. Our barge has become recognizable by this art work and we have received many compliments.

Along with the Friese came its double sided Click, depicting a large breaking wave. I lovingly repainted it as well and found the wonderful detail that had been carved into the piece. We also re-gilded the knob on the flag staff.

With our name change, we also needed new name boards, one for each side, and we wanted something that would match the other art work. We called a sign carver in Friesland and were quoted €800 each. I very quickly began a new hobby: wood chiselling. The signs still need some minor finishing, sanding and varnishing but as long was we have Zonder Zorg's name showing as we cross the Belgium border, I can finish it off later.

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