Sunday, August 18, 2013

Visiting the Walsh's

Outside of Shediac at Shediac Cape is where the Walshes have lived for the last fifty years. The fifty acres of land first belonged to the grandfather but Peter, Michael's brother bought it from him. Michael's parents also lived on the land, in their own little house, planing flowers, vegetables and fruit.

Today it is evident that a generation has moved on and I took a tour of the acreage.

First there are trees, lots of them; matter of fact it is a forest.

As we near the woods, logging equipment comes into view. It has all been assembled from scrap old parts by Peter.

Not far away is an outdoor sawmill, which was meticulously designed, made and operated by Peter.

A newly build drying trailer for the newly sawn boards is another Walsh product.

The new shed to house all the equipment is near completion.

The tractors.

This is a small glimpse into what is outside, there are several more workshops, welding shops and a boat building shed.

I am impressed, but the little family home, which after decades is still patiently waiting for a dishwasher to be bought and installed.

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