Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To Brussels Airport

We did some cycling Wednesday and found the area cycle unfriendly. No bicycle racks, nor designated lanes and very few cyclists. The cycle trip took us to our destination, the local artisan bakery for freshly baked croissants. 

We wanted the croissants for breakfast, as we are on our way to Brussels airport early in the morning for our stand-by flight to Montreal. This is peak seasons and the flights are full for the next few days, all returning in time for school in the beginning of September.

We did a trail run to the train station with the local bus, which stops close to the marina. I was intrigued with the €38 fee for a senior yearly pass, as well as with the designated senior, pregnant ladies and handicapped seats. These were upholstered in plush fabric embroidered with all the symbols. 

On our bus ride we came across a wine bar called Bord de L'รด and has since gone out of business.

At the train station there was a "working Corner" that you can sit and do computer work and simultaneously cycle on a stationary bicycle.

All went well in our timing, only to find out that the Thursday the 15th is at statutory holiday with a reduced bus schedule and none early enough for us to make the train to the airport. Our flight leaves early at 10:50 am and with a two hour prior check-in time and a hour and a half train ride it calls for an early start. We rejigged plans and reserved a taxi for 0545.

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