Saturday, August 3, 2013

Return To The Big Apple

My computer's hard drive corrupted and needed replacement which meant a return trip to Amsterdam. This time we were much further away. I started the journey early with two busses and a train to Amsterdam for my booked appointment with G.O.D. on Sunday afternoon.

Fortunately, this time I had saved what I could on iCloud, but it still felt like I lost my wallet. I needed to re-download my programs and photos. The problem with that is that we were in an area with internet connections poor to none. I had to wait for a steadier and stronger connection to proceed with the downloads.

It was high season for the tourist industry in Amsterdam and the streets were filled with visitors. From the Leiseplein, were Apple is located I started the return journey by walking along the Leidsestraat to Centraal Station. Leidsestraat used to accommodate car traffic, pedestrians, cyclist and the streetcar, but it has now been transformed into a unique pedestrian/streetcar shopping street. The very slow moving streetcar rings its bell as it passes tourists, who are looking everywhere but to the road. 

Free water bottle refill spots are making their appearance and are replacing the drinking fountains.

I made it back to Zonder Zorg in time for a glass of wine and dinner. It had been a long day. 

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