Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shediac, New Brunswick

We have arrived in Atlantic Canada after leaving Brussels twice. Our flight to Montreal left on time but after half an hour in flight we needed to return to Brussels because of an onboard medical emergency. We landed with a full load with the fire department standing-by to cool down the overheated wheels and brakes. The passenger was evacuated and the family of five deplaned. The next two and a half hours were spent offloading their checked bags, cooling of wheels and refuelling. We had missed our connection to Moncton and waited five hours for the next flight. Our car needed rebooking and our B&B needed to be advised of our late arrival after midnight. Twenty-five hours later after leaving the barge, we fell into bed in our B&B; it had been a very long day.

The following day we caught up with family and spent some time shopping to fill the list we brought with us. For interest, we checked-out prices in the supermarkets, especially the fish. We found a great selection of fresh fish with excellent prices, particularly for the lobster. 

Outside the supermarket the lobsters were really big.

I found Michel talking to an old wooden fisherman sharing stories of the sea, hurricanes and Cape Horn. I think he even sold him a copy of his book.

We are enjoying the down time and the novelty of having a car to get us around.

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