Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Day in Reims

After a good cup of coffee we took the local bus and headed to Reims before it got too hot. We had finally reached a city that would be able to accommodate our growing list of needs. 

We are still not accustom to the long line ups, the endless paper work nor the shops and offices closing down for two or three hours for lunch in the middle of the day. We managed to strike a few items of our list and then took our time to wander through the city.

What is apparent is that the area had suffered greatly during the wars, especially World War I. Across the road from were we are moored are some reminders of World War I's front, row upon row of crosses.
About eighty percent of Reims had been destroyed and as we travel trough France we are aware of the slow replacement of the stained glass windows that were broken nearly a century ago. The churches or communities replace the stained glass with modern concepts, as the classic trade of stained glass production and their talented painters are long gone. 

We walked along the streets and through the small arcades that are lined with shops of fine clothing, accessories and foods. During our old world window shopping a colourful array of macaroons, fondant and dark and white chocolate caused us to pause. The window displays are works of art.

This chocolate shop was a Belgian classic and we drooled as we made our selection of pralines and saw them carefully placed in a box. Its label read:

Je croque peu, 
beaucoup à la folie
Je craque pour lui, 
pour elle, pour toi, pour moi.
Je craque le matin, 
le midi le soir, pour 
les Chocolats

Late afternoon we returned to Zonder Zorg and in the evening Chef Michael presented us with a meal of seared coquilles St Jacques with a garnish of mushrooms, shallots and garlic caramelized in butter and Sauvignon Blanc. This was served with basmati rice, haricots fins almandine and sliced roma tomatoes and complemented by a bottle of Champagne Canard Duchesne. After all we are in the Champagne region.

After dinner we carefully followed the instructions on the chocolate box.

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