Sunday, September 1, 2013

Organic Apples

I am nursing cracked ribs, an injury that happened on our last day in New Brunswick. It is on my right side and as I am mostly right handed, this makes for slow healing and leaving most rope handling for Michael.

On the shore of today's section of canal we came upon a heavily laden apple tree. Michael manoeuvred the barge and drove its bow under the tree for easy picking. We had priced apples prior in the supermarkets and found them ridiculously expensive. 

Continuing his manoeuvres with boat hook in one hand and picking with the other it resembled an apple dance .

The onlooking duck wasn't impressed.

I certainly was impressed with the yield.

We entered our daily series of locks.

Waiting for a barge to make it through the lock.

Passing a lady who was vigorously shaking out bedsheets through the open window, wondering what required such actions.

In the next lock we had a few onlookers, some wanting to know if the barge could fly with its wings.

Outside the lock the scenery changed into softness with only our barge making a small wave.

It was teatime and Michael got a stroofwafel, a Dutch carmel waffle, softened by the heat of the tea.

We came to the end of another fruitful day.

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