Thursday, September 12, 2013

Autumn in Champagne

Around us the landscape is in transition with harvest time nearing and the cellars making room for the new crop. Teams of grape pickers will soon be arriving, as all of the grapes are hand picked and sorted.

Even though the town has put out many planters filled with blooming flowers, signs of autumn are all around us.

At the lock house next to where we are moored, the garden has lost its lustre.

On the other side of the lock it is definitely autumn and we moved Zonder Zorg from that spot as the leaves we pilling up all over the barge.

Far away from shedding trees she is now moored snugly for another while.

Among the golden and ochre autumn colours there remain a few sprigs of mauve.

Bits of colour still remain as the plants try to hang on.

The most successful at hanging on are the burdocks, Mother Nature's velcro; I was covered in them on my return to the barge.

Free of burdocks, I prepared a simple lunch.

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