Thursday, September 5, 2013

Retournez à Reims

About twenty-eights years ago Cannondale Bicycles came up with a cart called the "Bugger". It was made of sturdy plastic and hooked up under the bike saddle.  We thought it was a neat idea and bought one to travel through France.  

Genevieve and Amy attended French play school in Deep Cove and we thought that exposing them to other French speaking children would enhance their language skills.

We checked in our bicycles and the Bugger on our first flight to Amsterdam. Our touring bicycles were Japanese and when they arrived in Amsterdam, one wheel was damaged with a slight buckle. Since we were in the Netherlands, a bicycle repair shop was not far away. The wheel was repaired instantly and we were on our way to France.

Our journey took us through Reims and we stayed in a small hotel with a shed were we could lock up the bikes and the Bugger. One of our interests was to see the Cathedral.

Outside the Cathedral, Genevieve tripped and scrapped her face on the gravel. As she stood up crying, a bird flew over and pooped a perfect hallo on her red hair.

It had not been a good day for Genevieve in Reims.

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