Sunday, September 1, 2013


Theres is nothing tastier than tree picked fruit that had been ripped on the branch to perfection. We seldom get the opportunity to pick them.

We had picked more than enough for a Dutch appletaart, and the next day I started peeling and slicing them. They were rich in colours and slightly tart; perfect for pie.

I layering the springform with thin crust, I piled the apples up high. Sprinkled with caramelized brown sugar while Michael studied the manual for our oven. Our new European oven is microwave and convection and we found a setting specifically for Apple pie: P06. It automatically preheats the oven and beeps when it is ready, then bakes for an hour.

While the pie was cooling we went for a walk in the town of Siilery, one of the Grand Cru villages in the heart of Champagne. Along the way we keep seeing old champagne racks converted into planters.

Other interesting things are showing up as planters.

The pie turned out well, almost no crust, all apple with a bit of caramel flavour. Of course, we didn't forget a dollop of whipped cream.

The aromas of the pie brought in new friends.

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