Sunday, September 1, 2013

Billy the Goat.

Today the locks were more gentile, lower in height and easier to manage. On our approach to this lock I spotted Billy the Goat in the orchard. 

Billy was trying to reach one more apple as he had finished all that had been in his reach. Perhaps there was just one he had missed.

I walked across the old lock gate to reach the orchard, as the lock begins to fill.

Billy saw me coming and I was very pleased to see that he was securely tied down. He gave me a firm stare, after all it was his orchard.

He was used to having his photo taken as he gave me his good side profile.

Next was the passport photo shot; no smile.

I returned to the barge as the lock had filled.

Passing the old lock house the dog came to greet me with some very tired and hoarse barks.

After he had done his duty, he went back to the guard post to keep away robbers and thieves.

Everything in this lock was either old, tired, dilapidated or an antique.

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